HikVision Terminologies



HikVision Terminologies

Have you ever wondered what some terminologies mean when we’re talking about HikVision products and features?

Why not take a look at our guide into what HikVision are talking about when it comes to these deciphering these terminologies:

What is HikVision ColorVu technology?

HikVision’s industry-leading ColorVu technology enables quality full-colour videos 24/7 so that it can view details at night the same way as they look in daylight. ColorVu technology’s powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from three specific breakthroughs:

  • Advanced hardware
  • Cutting-edge image processing
  • Reliable quality

What is HikVision ColorVu+X Technology?

HikVision’s ColorVu technology helps users protect people and property by capturing high-quality, full-colour video 24/7 with the same sharp rendering at night time as in daylight. Now, combine ColorVu with other Hikvision’s advanced technologies shown below to create: ColorVu + "another HikVision technology", hence 'ColorVu + X'.

ColorVu + Panoramic

Panoramic cameras that use integrated ColorVu technology to provide vivid and full-colour video imaging for a wide field of view in light conditions as low as 0.0005 lux: nearly total darkness.

ColorVu + Varifocal

Hikvision’s Varifocal Cameras with ColorVu are designed with a fixed F1.0 large aperture, which guarantees image brightness while the camera zooms in or out.

ColorVu + 4K

4K, also called 4K resolution, refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. With up to four times higher resolution than standard HDTV 1080p resolution.

ColorVu + Live Guard

Models equipped with Live Guard deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings while sending notifications to users remotely. 

ColorVu + Deep Learning

AcuSense-powered Motion Detection 2.0 distinguishes human beings and vehicles from other objects in any given environment, focusing on real security threats, and enables efficient video searches.

Cameras powered by these technologies render clear imaging with vivid details for video evidence, improved alarm accuracy for real security threats, and video search efficiency. Versatile products and solutions are introduced with optimised performance to tackle more common security concerns in residences, office buildings, parking lots and many more.

What is HikVision DeepinMind?

HikVision DeepinMind Series NVR’s boast up to 90 percent accuracy in false alarm reduction and intelligent facial recognition technology, human intervention can be reduced to the bare minimum. Depending on your application, you can choose a single-purpose NVR for perimeter protection or facial recognition scenario (6700, 7700, and 9600 series), or one that can do both (96000 series). 

The perimeter protection NVRs feature smart analysis (line crossing/intrusion detection), false alarm reduction based on perimeter protection, and quick target search capabilities. The facial recognition NVRs play a key role in advanced biometric solutions with high recognition accuracy. The 96000 series, the most advanced model to date, offers all the above features with much higher capacities.

What is HikVision DarkFighterX?

In 2013, HikVision launched cameras with DarkFighter technology, featuring a larger sensor and a larger aperture. Years later, HikVision set the industry benchmark with DarkFighterX highlighted by an innovative dual-sensor design. Based on the process human eyes use to perceive colour and brightness, it employs two sensors — one for IR imaging, guaranteeing brightness and sharpness, the other for visible light, guaranteeing vivid colour reproduction. These signals are then combined into ONE BRIGHT, FULL-COLOUR image.

What is HikVision HeatPro?

HeatPro Series thermal cameras boast perimeter protection with unparalleled accuracy and fire detection with superlative sensitivity. Featuring deep-learning video analytics in all weather and light conditions, these cameras hit the target in both cost and performance for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Temperatures Visualized
  • Early Detection and Warning
  • Support for Flexible Rules & Alarms

What is HikVision Hik-Partner Pro?

The merge of Hik-ProConnect and Hik-ePartner into one single software platform. The Hik-Partner Pro one-stop security service platform gives HikVision partners easy access to all HikVision product information, promotions, and marketing handouts, using one HikVision ID across all platforms (Hik-ProConnect and Hik-ePartner). It also provides partners with efficient device management and extended, value-added services with round-the-clock convenience. You can also gain access to HikVision’s Digital Showroom, with exciting announcements for next year being their e-learning platform.

What is HikVision Hik-Connect?

Hik-Connect Software, available on PC and mobile devices, has been designed to help small businesses and households effectively operate and manage security devices remotely. The power of 24/7 monitoring, intrusion alarms, video intercom and access control devices—all combined in one app—keeps owners and security personnel in touch with their businesses and properties every hour. New, value-adding functions such as cloud-based attendance make operations and management easier than ever. 

What is HikVision HikCentral?

HikVison’s HikCentral Professional Series provide modular platforms for common business applications, including Video, Access Control, Attendance, and more. While featuring their own functionalities, those applications also offer flexible combinations to meet the needs of a broad range of custom scenarios like yours. Moreover, the application modules all come with the same interface design for the series platforms, greatly reducing learning requirements for the various systems.

HikCentral Professional – Hikvision's security management software– helps professionals integrate and manage security systems. It's designed to meet a variety of security challenges on a single platform.

HikCentral FocSign is a multifunctional platform that integrates program design and release, digital signage terminal management. With diverse pre-installed advertisement templates and visualised display during creation process, it enhances the efficiency of advertisement making, enabling everyone to quickly design the program in need.

HikCentral Access Control is a lightweight software for professional access control and time attendance management. Featuring compatibility with virtually all HikVision access control and video intercom devices, HikCentral Access Control makes daily access control and attendance management much simpler and more efficient.

HikCentral-Workstation comes with HikCentral Professional software and the Windows OS installed by default, providing an integrated solution with dedicated hardware, software, and control panel. Flexible and easy to install and operate, this powerful workstation is perfect for a wide range of small- and medium-sized projects, specialising in live feed, playback, face recognition, plate number recognition, access control, video intercom, alarm management, and more.

HikCentral SMB is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, SMB is an affordable version of HikCentral which allows you to use features like people counting, heat maps, and parking management at a smaller scale.

What is HikVision AcuSense?

HikVision’s AcuSense technology embeds deep-learning algorithms into security cameras and video recorders to equip businesses and homeowners with smart tools to take security to the next level, both indoors and outdoors. HikVision customers currently use AcuSense technology to protect indoor and outdoor areas at:

  • Homes
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Shops
  • Parking areas

AcuSense technology recognises whether the alarm was triggered by a person, a vehicle or another object based on the deep learning algorithm, with this technology, it can accurately prevent false alarm triggers.

What is HikVision IVMS-4200?

iVMS-4200 series software tools are designed to configure and manage HikVision devices in a unified and intuitive manner, including DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, IPD, DVS, alarm and access control devices, and storage devices, providing functionalities like live view, playback, device parameter configuration, and more. The iVMS-4200 free software is compatible with most Hikvision hardware. It equips users with live video from the camera feed, access control, video intercom, alarms, and data storage.

  • Abundant Modules – Video, access control, attendance, intercom, alarm, E-map, and more
  • Friendly User Experience and Visual Design – Lightweight, flat UI, and component-based design
  • Multiple Languages – 33 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, etc

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