Viosec Systems Achievements



Viosec Systems Achievements

Welcome to Viosec’s 4th blog!

We’d like to look back at our achievements, from our main goals to what challenges we have overcome at Viosec. Last year was a tough year for everyone, though when we look at the positives, we can see how much the company has progressed just by the number of challenges we have overcome with the help of all of our employees and their hard work and effort.

If you haven’t heard already – We have also taken on 3 young apprentices during the first UK lockdown, one having completed their apprenticeship course at the beginning of this year! At Viosec, we nurture and teach individuals to become the best version of themselves. Life lessons are a weekly if not daily lesson educated throughout the business. We have been smashing training courses about industry products, as well as workplace and business courses provided by The Growth Company to further our skills, no matter how old you are, you can always learn new things.

We’ve pushed ourselves to go above and beyond the last few months to meet our targets, with the hard work paying off, last month we achieved our best month to date to meet our business goals. We pride ourselves on our hard work, of course, many people don’t see the background effort we put in and why would you, especially if it’s seamless. As Viosec grows – The team grows in numbers and wealth of knowledge too.

Earlier this year we implemented a new inventory management software, it was a long but thorough process at first to ensure products are delivered on time to our customers, especially through Brexit and the pandemic. We’ve improved our response time to our customers, which has made us achieve better results, not only that, we always provide top customer support to fulfil their needs, ensuring they have the correct kit and to not burn daylight so customers can crack on with their projects – Our customers aren’t treated just as a number in the system…maybe it’s time to ask that question, are you just a number at your current supplier?

Over the next few months, we will be expanding our team further, as we have started to already which is an amazing example of growth for a young(ish) company, we will be heading into our 5th year of business in January! Sharing the same vision and ideas is important to any team as we continue to strive for excellence.


We are a proud bunch of hard workers, we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers for keeping us moving forward. So, thank you (our not just a number customers).

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