Security industry & COVID19



How the security industry is thriving during COVID19 & The importance of it

Go easy on us…

Welcome to our first blog from Viosec Systems!

We would like to give you more insight into how important the security industry is and how we are here for you during these difficult times.

As the UK lockdown situation changes weekly, moreover everyday with live updates, we wanted some reassurance and to ask the question, IS the security industry going to survive COVID 19. Statistics prove that the security industry has had a steady momentum. It has been upsetting to say the least hearing about small companies having to close as they struggle to gain custom; many have not had the chance to reopen. 

Even throughout UK lockdown, the security industry, with world-leading brands such as HikVision & Dahua Technology, still maintained and carried on through with business. This begs the question, why is that? 

The reason being is due to the industry being a key player in keeping the public safe. With the COVID19 spike in the UK, fear of robbery and break-ins were inevitable and most importantly public lives could be at risk with fires, arson, assault, damage to property, etc. From statistics business owners are wanting to increase their security, especially in environments with high-value assets, these are examples of construction sites, ports and docks, warehouses and car dealerships, due to them not being around to observe and protect their merchandise.

Why this is important has many reasons, one reason being is to keep peoples lives and livelihood safe, the Viosec team ensures that we will always put our customers at ease with this ‘new normal’. Products such as thermal cameras, temperate screening and density control solutions are becoming increasingly popular and in some cases a necessity for companies to try and control the spread of COVID19.


As a security company it is our duty to help keep you and your valuables safe.

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