Experience with COVID19 & Isolation



Viosec Systems experience with COVID19 & Isolation


As we all know these are uncertain times which can lead to things turned upside down…

A few weeks ago, one of our staff members unfortunately caught COVID. We had a meeting with the Viosec team to inform them of the situation and what actions we were going to take. We had our contingency plan which we implemented immediately as we needed to halt Viosec Systems internal operations to self-isolate and prepare to work from home for the two-week lockdown ahead, following the NHS guidelines.

With the news, it still takes you by surprise which can ultimately fill you with anxiety. A lot of businesses have had to close because of this, so when it happens to you and your business, you cannot help but have that slight panic.

The severity of the situation was a huge shock to the whole team and there was a lot of concern for the business. Many questions were circulating about the difficulty of getting to the stock in the warehouse for our customers? How do we inform our customers about this? What effect will this have on Viosec? Equally important, how will we get sales?

For any company, sales are the main concern, without sales, it has a huge negative impact which can feel like a void, leading to many potential problems in the future.

The first few days away from the office were tough on the entire team, which is understandable as they have been busy working through the first UK lockdown with little impact on the business. With our resilience, we made it through together by communicating with each other efficiently (Microsoft teams is a wonderful thing) and trying to make light out of a very heavy situation.

It goes to show how important it is to have a driven, motivated, and positive team around you, it is detrimental in any workplace to keep moving forward and how you get through these incredibly tough challenges we face with running a business, however, with the strong support around you, it can make things easier.

Be prepared for all eventualities in life.

Thanks, Viosec team ❤️

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